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Eviny shirts

I am experienced working with brands, be it cars, fashion, arrangements, products etc.


For private customers I shoot weddings, families, groups and portrait photography.

In other words, I offer a wide range from landscape to product photography. 


Using state of the art drones and 8K cameras, I capture moving images. Tailor made and fit for your needs.


I am also able to integrate visual effects or infographics to highlight the moral of the video.


Oselvarverkstaden Topdown

I am licensed to operate drones commercially under A1/A2/A3 and the Specific Category regulations. We have a variety of drones suited for content creation to heavier tasks like thermal drone inspection or search and rescues.

Aerial photography

Kasper Høglund

I have several partners in my team, FPV drone pilots, Photographers and videographers who are more than happy to assist us on the bigger projects. 

Multiple camera 

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