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Drone Pilot

 As most drone operators in Norway, we operate in the sub category A1/A2/A3.

We also operate in the Specific category which allows us to perform high risk drone tasks with ease and accept.

We are also certified for flying drones offshore.


With our wide experience, we can pilot drones from small confined space FPV drones to heavier weather resistant drones with heavier payloads.

Confined Space

We use FPV drones for executing drone inspections in tight, confined spaces. Also where steel structure obstructs the MCU and GPS signal. A seamless way of inspecting tanks or hard to get places!

powerLine Inspection

We can strategically survey powerlines to locate faults, overloads or biological interference. Here we use pre planned missions and the 56x zoom to keep a safe distance to the energy. We also have the ability to see overloads with the thermal camera.

Thermal imaging

We have the new DJI Mavic 3 Thermal Enterprise. This drone can detect variation in heat, see heat leaks in a building or structure. We can easily locate people and animals, even at night. heat leaks in exhausts and other structures and machines. We can also cooperate in search and rescue missions, and locate the core of a fire.

Drops inspection

We offer DROPS inspection to locate possible falling objects or hidden construction failures. Especially needed in the offshore sector for safe non-roped civilian inspections.

Lidar Technology

We can survey an area and make a complete 3D map of areras , buildings or modules. We also have the ability to do a Photogrammetry.  

Solar panel

We offer solar panel inspection. Visual inspection using our 8K or 56x telezoom camera. And also to unveil cell failures using our thermal imaging.

drone photography and videography
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