Drone Services

We offer a wide variety of drone services for industrial purposes. Offshore and Onshore. We are already certified under the new A1/A2/A3 certifications, that apply from 2023. We have a wide experience piloting drones from small FPV drones to heavier weather resistant drones.

FPV Drone inspection

We use this form of drone inspection for tight spaces. Or where steel structure obstructs the GPS signal. A seamless way of inspecting tanks or hard to get places!

Line Inspection

We can strategically survey powerlines to locate breaks or changes in nature that may interfere with the powerlines causing breaks.

Flir Drone Technology

We have drones with thermographic cameras that can detect variation in heat, locating people, animals, heat leaks in exhausts and other structures and machines. We can also cooperate in search and rescue missions, and core fire detection.

Drops Drone inspection

We offer DROPS drone inspection to locate possible falling objects or hidden safety failures. Especially needed in the offshore sector for safe non-roped civilian inspections.

Lidar Technology

We can survey an area and make a complete 3D map of areras , buildings or modules. We also have the ability to do a Photogrammetry.  

Cinema Drone

We have the brand new DJI Mavic 3 Cine in our arsenal. With this drone we can shoot 4K 50FPS Pro Resolution files in a single one man team!